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Lombok Outdoors Terms and Conditions

Lombok Outdoors Terms and Conditions

Lombok Outdoors aims to provide our clients with an enjoyable and memorable experience . We base our business transactions on trust and openness. We have tried to make the fine print simple and easy to understand. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us. Now , on to the boring bits…………………….

www.lombokoutdoors.com as a tour operator offer wide selection of holiday packages. Most of the tour packages are includes airport pick up service, hotel, sigh seeing, and domestic flight ticket.

Lombok Outdoors tour packages are designed by local expert and have been done site inspection with travellers world wide, and can be tailor made or modify to suit any travellers need.

General Terms and Conditions

The price advertised at the time of booking is the price you pay. Simple. However we reserve the right to change advertised prices on our website. Prices we pay for accommodations, guides etc go up, down and sideways. From time to time we may change our advertised prices.
Cancellation policy
Sometimes life throws up a curly situation and you may not be able to make your planned trip. Bummer! If we have you booked in with our partners in Lombok like Hotels and transport companies they may not care about your personal problems and make Lombok Outdoors pay for your accommodation etc, even if you couldn’t make it. Welcome to the world of business! This means we may have to bill you a portion of the fee you have already paid. So this is how it goes:

  • If you cancel your booking we will try to reschedule your tour at no cost to you, however, we reserve the right to retain %25 of any fees paid.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the tour date we reserve the right to charge you %100 of any fees paid.
  • If Lombok Outdoors cancels the tour for any reason, before the commencement of the tour, you will be refunded any fees you have already paid.

Tricky weather policy

Sometimes the weather Gods do not shine on us and we may have to modify your tour. Adventure activities by their nature, are weather dependant. If your guide deems an activity to be unsafe or just plain unenjoyable because of the weather (rain, wind, heat, swell, volcanic eruptions!) , we will modify the trip accordingly. We will modify the tour in partnership with the clients so you know all the options. Our aim is to show you a good time. To do this we must consider environmental factors as part of our risk management policy.

If a safe alternative activity cannot be organized we will

  • Try to reschedule the tour to a time that suits the client.
  • Refund the client a fee representing the portion of the tour that has been affected by the weather.
  • If the the entire tour cannot run, we will refund any payments you have made in full.

What if I get hurt……..
Accidents happen. Of course we go to great lengths to make sure you are safe at all times but you/we need to be prepared if things go wrong. The best way to make sure that you have covered your expenses in the event you have to get home quick or because you are unwell or injured is to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy. In fact, we will need to sight your travel insurance documents before you participate on any of the following tours: Any trekking activities on Mt Rinjani.

Well there’s only 3 actually. One to tell us all about you (Participant Information Form / Mt Rinjani treks only), one so you know all the potential dangers about your tour (Assumption of Risk Form) and lastly one that reduces our legal liability if someone gets injured accidentally (Legal Waiver Form) If you have reserved a booking for a trek to Mt Rinjani we will send you a Participant Information Form (PIF) by email with your Booking Voucher and Itinerary. Please complete and email the PIF back to us before you arrive in Lombok. We need this information so we know a bit about your medical history and other relevant details.

email: lombokoutdoors@gmail.com

On the day of your scheduled tour, before the tour commences, you will be asked to sign a Assumption of Risk and Legal Waiver Form. It basically means Lombok Outdoors is trying to make you aware of all the potential risks associated with the tour and reduce the potential of any legal action being taken against us. You will need to sign this form to participate on any tour. If you don’t sign it, you wont be able to participate in the adventure activity. We have to play hardball on this one-sorry about that.

Read the copy below before you sign up for any tour:
Assumption of Risk

I understand that any adventure activity organized by Lombok outdoors may involve risks to my health and well being including death, drowning, psychological and physical trauma, serious injuries and exposure to disease. I understand that I will be travelling in a country that does not have a high standard of public health care and that access to a emergency medical treatment may not be readily available. I also except that the standard of transport, road safety, hygiene, communications and general infrastructure may have a negate the overall safety of any Lombok Outdoors tour and any subsequent medical treatment or evacuation.. I also except that I have provided up to date and correct information to Lombok Outdoors in relation to any pre existing medical conditions. I accept fully that I have been made totally aware of all inherent risks in association with adventure activities conducted by Lombok Outdoors

Legal Waiver

I acknowledge that in the event that I may injure myself, become injured, or are injured thru the fault of a third party, or in association with any Adventure Lombok organised tour, I will not hold Lombok Outdoors, its agents or employees, responsible nor will I seek any financial compensation or launch any civil or criminal action against them.

I acknowledge that it is a condition of participation in any Adventure Lombok tour that I have sufficient travel/medical insurance to cover the costs of any medical treatment or evacuations and that I will not hold Lombok Outdoors, its agents or employees liable for any costs incurred.

I certify that I have read and understood both the Assumption of Risk Form and the Legal Waiver Form and will abide by all the aforementioned terms and conditions.